Retail Vs. Resale: Seven Jean Shorts

Apparently, Cuffed Shorts are like-so-hot-right-now.


7 For All Mankind jean shorts retail for around $149. Their Buffalo Exchange price?

For designer denim under $20, no one holds a candle to Buff Ex.

(And yes, I’m addicted to Picnik‘s ‘Create’ section. Because nothing expresses joy like a heart sticker. NOTHING.)


  1. says


    Not to be an asshole or anything because I really like your blog and you’re usually right on the ball but seven 7 jeans aren’t 7 for all mankind. seven 7 jeans are much less expensive at original prices… not that they aren’t just as cute but.

  2. cheapjap says

    reaaaaaally?! i had no idea there even WAS a budget line of sevens! thank you kindly for clarifying, seriously. nothing asshole-ish about being on point :)

  3. melissa says

    Yeah, Seven7 jeans are like $50 bucks tops. I bought some Seven7 knit skinny jeans at Kohl’s for $40 a few years ago.

  4. Emily says

    This isn’t a budget version of Seven for All Mankind Jeans. It is another brand completely that tricks people into thinking that they are the designer label.

    If I were you, I’d stay away from Seven for All Mankind Jeans. I’ve had a pair for a couple years and I have had to get them repatched many times after wear. Paige Denim or Citizen for Humanity are much better!

  5. says

    Actually, Sevens7 and Seven for All Mankind have been in all kinds of lawsuits.. they are most definitely not related and not even friends!

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