Original Alexander Wang Khakis For Less Than Their GAP Price

Dearest Alexander Wangface –

Wanna know what happens when you charge $200 for glorified athletic shorts? PEOPLE DON’T BUY THEM. Then, you have to rip off one of your old khaki styles and re-design it in cheap, easily outsourced material for the GAP. Tres drag, but hey, collabs like that keep you in business. Us fashion peeps are too blinded by your Vogue-endorsed name to notice the instant camel toe effect of your $50 khaki shorts anyway.

Well not me, bub. NOT ME.

That fuzzy designer feeling’s tough to experience with a cooter wedgie, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the original inspiration behind those WangforGAP diaper shorts wasn’t quite as ill-fitting. Said inspiration can currently be seen at Buffalo Exchange.

I didn’t try these on because you disgust me. I did, however, happen to snap a picture of their resale price.

Based on your track record, I’m going to guess you charged upwards of $300 for these puppies once upon a time. And now they’re $34, as in SIXTEEN DOLLARS LESS than that GAP bullshit. Karmic payback’s a beotch, ain’t it?


Cheap JAP


  1. says

    This post is awesome enough without the word “bub”, but because you used the word “bub” I am now officially in love with you.

  2. Sarah says

    I actually bought the wang for gap shorts NEW at the gap for the grand price of……$1.75. No idea how that even happened, they were on the sale rack, there must have been some extra discount in the store. I liked the way they looked on me, but they are definitely not the most flattering to all shapes.

  3. girl says

    That’s the best part of the Gap empire – wait a few and that stuff will show up discounted.

    Sarah – great freaking deal!

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