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Dressing Room Shots: Anna Sui for Target

Okay, so ASui for Tar-jay has a few downs; it’s also got a whole lotta ups. I’m referring specifically to the Dresses category, which boasts an abundance of awesomeness unparalleled in any designer collabs collection to date.

Of the four dresses I tried on, I genuinely liked three, was borderline-obsessed with two, and ended up purchasing one. Here’s how it played out in the dressing room.

On the hanger, the Silk Patterned Dress – a carbon copy of a Sui RTW look from a few years back – had me at hello. Alas, a crisscross bodice and a puffed sleeve don’t work so well when paired with real, live boobs. I felt like a slutty shepardess or something. An A or B cup could totally rock this dress but if you’re a C like me or bigger, no dice.

The Blue Print Floral Jacquard Dress was the first thing that made me say Yay. A wide elastic belt gives it serious shape, and the conservative neckline is nicely balanced by its shorter-than-average length.

The uber-versatile Silk Jumper and the perfect-for-partying Metallic Jacquard Dress were my faves of the bunch. I briefly considered buying both, but then thought better of it – while Sui’s collection for Target achieves her characteristic vintage aesthetic for less, it still fails to meet my standards of Cheap. Then again, few things do.

Based on the fact that Sui’s prints are all over this line, I’m going to give it a rating of only slightly overpriced/possibly worth paying for.

Ultimately, versatility won the day and I decided on the black Silk Jumper.

Did I enjoy ponying up $59.99 for something from Target? Fuck no. But I’ve already worn the thing twice. So there ya go.



The dresses looks great and the jumper looks so comfy. Love it!


I’m with you…I was really impressed with this line.

It’s still spending $50 at Target, but I think the items are actually kinda worth it. Though, I’ll admit that there were a couple things that I’m goign to wait to grab on clearance (fingers crossed).

have fun with the jumper!

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