Blazers for Basics at Buffalo Exchange

I am, by all definitions, a blazer fiend. If the blazer bears the mark of a coveted brand, the tag becomes an excuse for me to keep it in my closet regardless of whether or not it ever gets worn. It’s wasteful. It’s greedy. And it’s illogical, particularly if I’m strapped for cash and want to go shopping. I realized as much the other day upon assessing my current blazer collection. Among the ten or so in my closet were three obvious hangers-on: A wool Nanette Lepore, a satin Nicole Miller (DEF worn at a Bat Mitzah ten-plus years ago), and a khaki MARC by Marc Jacobs.

The Nanette was too big, and I didn’t love it enough to pay for tailoring – I’d rather cash in on it and shop, thankyouverymuch. I liked the uber eighties bolero style of the Nicole Miller, but anything in black satin can only be worn sporadically, if at all (I only know what that word means because of Clueless, FYI). The pale pink MJ was a gift from Mom a few years back; in spite of how much I tried to like it, I never felt comfortable in it. I have boobs, and we all know MJ doesn’t know shit about crafting clothing to accommodate them.

I sold my gently-worn brandtastic blazers to Buffalo Exchange, and snagged the below with my $37.50 store credit. (Note: This means the store value of my merch sold was $75. This might seem subpar, based on the high-endness of the brands. But bear in mind that the average price of an item at Buff Ex is $17; that’s why we can ALL afford to shop there. If selling my fab castoffs for less than what they’re worth means someone gets to experience the thrill of re-sale via my unworns, I’m all for it. What’s the alternative, hoarding them in my closet on the off-chance I’ll wear them again someday? Puh-lease. A move like that is bound to eff with one’s shopping karma. But I digress.)

A close up of these Members Only Jeggings and this American Apparel See-Thru Tank yields the following info: Both items are NWT. Instead of paying a ludicrous $88 for leggings and an irritating $29 for a tank, I paid $13.50 and $15.00, respectively.

buffalo exchange members only leggingsbuffalo exchange american apparel tank

members only pricetagamerican apparel pricetag

New never-been-worn clothes at secondhand price points. LOVES IT!

I also snagged a Lowrys Farm Sweater and some Hudson Jean Shorts (to be worn with thick tights and flat boots in winter, obvs).

Average retail price Hudson Jean Shorts: $160.

Average retail price Lowrys Farm Sweater: No effing idea – it’s a line of Japanese basics priced in yen or some shit, but the stuff is fab.

What’d I pay?

$18 for the shorts; $20 for the sweater. Word.

My subtotal for these four items came to $66.50 – not bad by a long shot. Also not what I paid out of pocket: Remember, I had $37.50 in store credit to play with.

My total out of pocket cost for ALL the above? TWENTY NINE BUCKS.

You can clap now. :P


  1. says

    great scores! recently snagged robert rodriguez and tahari shirts at buffalo exchange for 5 / 10 bucks each and had the cashier lament that she was selling to me for practically free.

    to be honest i dont think m by mj fits anyone. im an asian chick with no boobage and marc jacobs clothing never fits me.

  2. lw says

    you are my #1 fave blog.

    love how you encourage thrift shopping and love your pix of how you make fab outfits using your finds.

    love your shopping philosophy, re: shopping karma. if you don’t love it, then don’t buy it or keep it.

  3. says

    Great to see you’re still thriving and the new look is fantastically minimalist. I would’ve gotten you into Lost right after 24 you know. Regardless, I’m glad to hear you’re caught up.

    You’re one of two women ever who would understand my shit. So read it.

    Nobody likes a douchebag…

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