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Bogus Rules for Leggings

What makes New Jersey’s Designer Consignment noteworthy?

It’s a recent addition to one of the state’s many malls.

Weird. Also awesome.

The merch was ho-hum for the most part, but South Jersey’s new to the gently-worn thang. I have high hopes for the future, and I still scored an almost-new Free People cardigan. At $20.00, it was slightly above my usual standards for cheap but I’m a total sucker for Free People. I was also visiting the parentals at the time, and had cash leftover from a grocery run. So there that is.

I paired the aforementioned cardigan with Members Only jeggings (Buffalo Exchange, $13.50) for a resale-tastic outfit.

You will notice that the cardigan does not cover the crotch area – a big no-no, according to a post that recently described leggings as the bane of the fashion world.

For all of a sudden, across the nation, hemlines are rising and crotches are emerging. People are wearing leggings with t-shirts. With blouses. With cropped tops even. Whether it’s deliberate fashion anarchy or just that everybody has forgotten the rule, I’m not sure. Or perhaps it’s because, in these times of recessionista thrift, we can now pass off three millimetres of clingy spandex as “trousers”, like they used to make birthday cakes out of hat boxes in the war. Perhaps.

Lauren Bravo’s rant got me thinking about the collective move toward casual dress a la leggings. Let’s think about WHY women prefer the garment in question over the suffocating skinny jeans and stuffy pencil skirts of years past.

One: More of us are working from home, where comfort always trumps trendy. Two: More of us are broke. A recession doesn’t just make $50 leggings an appealing alternative to $200 denim; it forces us to let go of what we can’t reasonably afford to buy. Perhaps the popularity of leggings means we’ve let go of fashion as an authority that gets to tell us what to wear. That would suspend all of the industry’s rules… including the one that says if you wear leggings, your crotch must be covered at all times.

The pairing of leggings with exposed crotches isn’t “deliberate fashion anarchy.” It’s us not giving a shit.

Remember this of rules set forth by style authorities: An outfit that makes you a fashion Don’t just means you’re liberated enough to not care what it thinks.

Girl power.



OMG A, you cut your hair! it looks amazing. was it an impulse thing? cuz that takes serious ballzzz. =D


I will never understand this — but then, I probably wear my fair share of garments that few can understand. The important thing is that the outfit was CHEAP. :)


I tend to wear leggings mainly around the house/errand running and this time of year I’ve always got a long coat on so I figure I can wear whatever shirt I want with them. If I do happen to know I’ll be somewhere where the coat is coming off I make sure if the shirts is long enough that I don’t feel like my girl parts are overly on display. Some leggings seem to promote toe more then others. Seemless in the front tend to be the way to go for me.


i really like your haircut!

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