Junk Jam! (Killer Vintage Necklace)

vintage scrap metal necklace

At AuH2O Thriftique, we’re pretty old school about how we stock our store. We go out and unearth the gently worn gems ourselves for two reasons: 1. We’re utterly addicted to the thrill of the hunt. 2. We’re DIRT CHEAP. We spend hours on end in icky, icky places to deliver the goods at the […]

Lookie I Made Necklaces

hardware store chain

Follow my blog with bloglovinI received a kickass shipment of vintage jewelry a few weeks ago. Among the lot were a few loose lockets, pendants and charms (hereafter, “loosies.”) Let me tell you a little something about finding chains for loosies; it’s effing IMPOSSIBLE. Why? Because 18 inches doesn’t cut it anymore – every shopper […]