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Word to Cheap Sundresses

I rarely get suckered into paying more for something than what it’s worth. Per esempio: I’m at the Upper East Side Goodwill the other day, hunting for a few summery numbers in the subpar dress section…

… I happen upon a billowy, neon yellow tunic and a hot pink A-line number. The dresses are cute, but the labels aren’t so thrilling: Old Navy and J. Crew, respectively. Finding Theory and Tahari at stores of this ilk has made me a secondhand snob, methinks. Still, I bought the dresses. The colors sealed the deal; I’m burned out on neutrals for the time being. At least until it rains again.

I figured my finds would be supercheap, as (a) the brands were all that pricey, new and (b) this was Goodwill. This is the problem with assumption – regardless of your level of experience, you can’t guesstimate a price without a tag.

Long story long – these dresses were ten bucks each. J.Crew, I get it… but gently-worn Old Navy? COME ON. I should have put back the yellow in protest, but I was too shellshocked at the register to do anything other than nod, hand over the dough, and ignore the voice in my head telling me I was a big fat sucker.

I took out my aggression on the neon Old Navy via scissor-poked-holes at the waistline. Then I hit it with some tight strips. Not a total Betty, but a vast improvement.

Apparently, I’m self-obsessed enough to vogue in the mirror. Onto the pink J.Crew.

The buttons in back are tres fab, and I totally heart pockets. I wonder if any dresses at the J.Crew Sample Sale this week are reduced to what I paid at Goodwill.

I’m guessing NO. Muhaha.



Supremely jealous of the J.Crew find.


teeth, teeth, c’mon you can do it. show me those beautiful pearly whites.
Ps. Love the yellow on you.


You may have overpaid, but that J Crew dress looks fabulous on you!


The UES Goodwill usually charges $12.99 for dresses. I agree that there proces are too high.


I like the yellow one better, myself. Yellow is a great color for you, I know it can be hard to look good in that color, apparently I’m also one of the lucky ones that can pull it off. Sometimes it’s not the brands that matter, but how they make you look and feel. I think you did quite good!




Your mom looks so cool and fashionable. It’s great that you are able to filch things from her closet! I love your site and have been visiting regularly since last summer. Keep up the good work!

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