Cheap Topshop Skirts Exist

Today, Fashionista hinted that Topshop’s Chicago expansion might be borderline insane. It is. Topshop isn’t just a massive rip off – it’s a rip off that’s managed to frame itself as a reasonably priced alternative to expensive, on-trend apparel and accessories, when its average price point clearly says otherwise. I sincerely hope Chicago clotheshorses are wise enough to put it out of business as soon as possible.

My hatred for Topshop isn’t entirely cost-related – it’s worse. I actually really dig the clothes, trendy and poorly made as they may be. This makes me doubly bitter over not being able to afford the offensively inflated retail mark up on said clothes.

Enter resale, exit bitterness.

Lucky for me, Buffalo Exchange’s sublime selection of brands extends to Topshop. This hot little pink-tinged beige mini skirt retailed for $65.00, once upon a time.
Its $14.50 resale price is obvs much more palatable.

Loves it!


  1. Zoe says

    Topshop started in England and it’s actually not that expensive here. Everyone I know (including me) shops there and I love it, it’s really well-made (I’ve never had anything bought from there rip or whatever) and the clothes are just really cool. I was in NY for 2 months this summer and couldn’t find anything close. I admit it’s really overpriced in the US but I just wanted to say it’s not like that everywhere.

    • SarahLou says

      Topshop IS overpriced in the UK, particularly considering it’s aimed predominantly at the under-25 market; I don’t regard £30-£40 for a skirt as a reasonable price for a garment of middling quality at best. TS used to be far cheaper (until about 10 years ago – showing my age here :oD), but then their prices started creeping up – and when they started their Kate Moss collaboration it pushed them higher still, not just on her range (and don’t get me started on how ridiculous the prices are for THAT stuff) but throughout the whole shop. And with no corresponding increase in quality as far as I can see. I shopped there all the time when I was a penniless student, but now that I’m earning a decent wage I rarely go in except during the sales. It’s not that I can’t afford it, nor is it because I’m outside their target market (I know I am, but I still think their stuff is cute). I just don’t think it’s good value for money any more.

  2. Gillian says

    Topshop is kind of aimed at teenagers in the UK. At £35 for a jumper, though, it seems expensive for that market. Some things are good, but I find much of it veers between poorly made and really small (seriously, if you are above a C-cup, don’t queue for the changing rooms.

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