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Chloe Sevigny Inspires Another Trend

In a post yesterday, Second City Style listed Socks ‘n’ Sandals as one of Spring’s Trends That Must Die, along with a picture of Chloe Sevigny donning the combo.

Cut to LAST JULY, when I said the following In Defense of Chloe Sevigny:

The initial appearance of any trend is rarely met with universal approval, if only because Fashion polices those whose style of dress contradicts its rules of the moment. Post-critique, the industry jacks the ideas of its biggest rule-breakers and later pawns them off as its own: Don’ts become Do’s and Out becomes In, Fashion gets to look original and we get an excuse to buy new stuff.

That Chloe Sevigny’s personal style has inspired more than a few trends isn’t the point. What ultimately matters is the source of her sartorial originality, a.k.a. her mastery of the art of Not Giving A Shit. Chloe Sevigny doesn’t dress to inspire Fashion; the fact that what she wears eventually shows up on its radar is simply a byproduct of her dressing to please only herself.

Chloe’s recent pairing of Socks With Orthopedic Sandals might seem like a total faux pas, so if you need to tear her down to feel sartorially superior, go right ahead. Just make sure you thank her a few years from now, when the Granny Chic trend inevitably hits the runway.

Mere months later and POOF! The Socks ‘n’ Sandals Trend is all the rage. Whatafuckingcoincidence. I’m on board with Second City Style’s assessment of the said trend as heinous, but that’s not ultimately the point. The point is that fashion is an idea-thieving beotch.

Also that I’m clairvoyant.

That is all.



Hahaha, you’re absolutely hilarious, and that is absolutely true. Fashion is an idea-thieving beotch.


I am very sad about how your feed now shows up on my google reader :(


(meaning it doesn’t show the whole post anymore, only ~10 words :( )

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