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Killer Coats at Goodwill Chelsea

My mom tried to buy me a coat at TJ Maxx a few months ago – something of the down, puffy ilk. A three-quarter length puffer coat, while undeniably practical, tends not to flatter those of below-average height and above-average cup size. I declined her generous offer, explaining that I didn’t intend to spend the winter months moonlighting as a waddling marshmallow. I’ve been freezing my ass off ever since.
In a desperate attempt to remedy my piss-poor outerwear situation, I stopped by the newly-renovated Goodwill in Chelsea after a spell at the nearby Trader Joe’s. I don’t know if Chelsea natives are rich, generous or easily bored by almost-new things, but the donation pool (the outerwear in particular) is mindbogglingly amazeballs. My trip was short-lived on account of the five pounds of potatoes I was carrying; already verrry excited to go back.

There was a beauteous red J.Crew evening coat, a killer black and white Theory tweed, some uber fun faux furs. There was also a bonafide Andrew Marc down coat, which was magically warm AND slimming. Expertly constructed winterwear a la Marc retails for around $800.00 a pop; at Goodwill, it’s priced at $40.00. I’m still having an internal temper tantrum over the fact that it didn’t fit. 

Mmkay I’ll shut up now: I know you’re just dying to see some blurry iPhone pics of the goods.

Obsessed with the color scheme here – OLD SCHOOL. Not sure Neslay Paris is of note, but who the eff cares – it’s retro fabulosity and oh-so-unique.

This black Mara Hoffman number retails for approximately $600 and change, which is kind of gross from a numerical standpoint. That being said, it’s a stellar idea – the skirt portion of this coat-dress-fusion-thing actually unzips from the bodice. Unfortunately, said bodice is designed for pre-pubescent boobies. Demerits. Sick coat, though. In theory.

All coats mentioned and/or pictured were fab on the hanger, and either too big or too small on me. The coat hunt continues, and I’m going Goldilocks on this practical outerwear shit. Just right or no dice.


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