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How To: Repair Damaged Fur

I know, I know – you’re all just DYING to hear how I salvaged the torn

– Extra Fur in Complementary Color
– Industrial Strength Scissors
– Thick, Durable, Dangerously Sharp Needle
– Cream Colored Thread

A big fat bonus of working with fur? It’s voluminous enough to hide mistakes.

My sewing skills are well below average, but I was still able to make sweet citrus juice out of this lemon of a coat. I actually dig the slight contrast of the cream patch against the white coat – looks like a badass back pocket, methinks.

$10.00 + 1 hour of DIY time = 1 fluffy dream of a coat. A worthy purchase and allocation of energy indeed. Loves it!



If you ever get tired of it like that, you could totally get that turned into a crop jacket sort of like Bomber jacket style. I think that would be cute too.


That looks pretty much like crap, but I love your site!


Yeah, I think Bianca is hinting at what SophyB is saying.

Crop that ugly sonuvabitch!


While I normally love all your diy jobs and your finds, I really think the patch job looks… How do I say this nicely?
Well, I think cropping it would be much better. Get rid of the patch job.


man, i have to say i’m really sad about what happened to the scarf…. seriously, that scarf was awesome, especially w/ the pins embellishing it, r.i.p.! couldn’t you have taken fur from some other part of the jacket or bought some rabbit fur (i remember talking my mom into getting some to me a little fur vest, but that never materialized…so i have a box of rabbit fur i’d give you if i still lived near nyc) If i were you i’d take off the patch, try to reassemble the scarf and to cut my losses, so to speak, turn the coat into a bomber or bolero by chopping off the bottom part missing fur. I love this blog, and i love you, so please believe me when i say this looks like a hack job. Just think, what would your mother say about this?


I have a Persian Lamb that needs a patch, however I would have cropped that coat and left the collar as is. My jacket will remain, as is, hanging in the closet and waiting for miracle repair.


I’d have taken the sleeves off to make the repair and at the same time turned it into a gillet :)

The patch doesn’t look good :(


Im all for repair everything myself but…….I dont know how to say this…it really looks like you got a maxi pad stuck to your behind by mistake. Im not being mean but doesn’t look good at all. sorry ;-(

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