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Dry Shampoo on the Uber Cheap

A few mornings ago, me and my greasy hair took an L train back from my boyfriend’s apartment, and I realized I had a crucial decision to make: Wash and blow dry my hair, or get to

Mom is a baby powder fanatic. She uses it in place of deodorant, she sprinkles it in shoes, her make-up area’s covered with the stuff. I’ve even seen it on her shoulders a few times… does that mean she uses it in her hair??? I hightailed it to the diapers aisle, found the baby powder, and got my answer.

What’s in dry shampoo that makes it suck up the oil and grease so effectively? Cornstarch. Also a key ingredient in any good baby powder. Booyah!

I sped home to my apartment, giddy with anticipation. The baby powder did exactly what I’d hoped, and then some: I went from greasy flat mess to Brazilian blowout in approximately ten seconds. Hello AWESOME.

Baby powder isn’t just my newfound alternative to the wash/blow dry cycle; since that morning, it’s become one of my favorite styling products EVER. A good dry shampoo will run you anywhere from $15.00 – $35.00. What’d I pay for my Johnson & Johnson? $3.49. Loves it!



Brilliant! And might I add that the “dry shampoos” itch. Totally weird. I have blonde hair and HAVE to wash my hair daily or I’m looking at the next BP oil disaster. Baby powder, simply brilliant.


OMG, I LOVE that you posted this! I have been tempted to do the same on numerous occasions, but I was afraid the white powder would look majorly effed up on my dark hair — thanks for assuaging my fears!


I do this frequently! My secret is out. Eep.


Ok so I am a huge dry shampoo fan.. it’s changed my life. But question- how do you manage it? How does it not get all over your clothes, shoulders, counter etc? I feel like the mess would be insane and the spray is kinda worth it…


I was just thinking of trying dry shampoo, but I already have cornstarch so I’ll have to see if that works instead! I have to admit I’m skeptical, because I remember using baby powder in an elementary school play to make my hair look gray…


Yep…baby powder is my go to… I can use it and stretch three days between washings…& my stylist loves me for it…keeps my hair happy AND healthy…. and my wallet doesn’t complain either I was using the Oscar Blandi before I’m straight up
Johnsons and Johnsons … note:: if you’re brunette baby powder may or may not work as well as the legit dry shampoos


Dry shampoo is totally awesome, and I def use baby powder in a pinch. I’ve tried most of the brands Sephora carries and like Ojon the best, but I just bought a new TresSemme dry shampoo (from the drugstore!) for like 4 bucks. I haven’t tried it yet, but I”ll report back!


Love dry shampoo, my hair’s so fine and dry that I can’t shampoo it that often. But the roots get greasy and the ends stay dry… schizo hair. Dry shampoo is the answer, such a godsend.


Tried the baby powder this morning on my bangs with great results. The powder brushed out well, and didn’t make my hair look gray. Seemed like it might have also added some volume, but it might have been that the hair had previously been weighed down by grease.


My favorite dry shampoo can be found at drugstores for $6.99. Its called “Pssssssst” and its been around since the 70’s. It’s my go to hair product and had made my morning routine so low maintenance. it will literally change your life! ;)


Afternoon baby powder update: still good!

Sometimes, even if I wash my bangs in the morning, they will get oily by the afternoon (yaaay, hormones). Anyway, I’m still going strong with the baby powder. Woo!

Joya Lock

When you FLOOF the powder through your hair, be sure to sprinkle evenly, not “dumping” it. Schmoosh your palms into your scalp.
THEN turn your head down whilst standing at the tub and, taking two big soft fat hairbrushes, “thwap” at your head as you tap your head all around into the brushes. (You want that “going through a dry car wash feeling). Do this before you play around w a blowdryer, and before you are wearing an outergarment.
(Bytheway– ME don’t take the train).


another cheap=o hair fix for those showing “silver threads amongst the gold”, aka gray hair peeking through…. make a paste of eye shadow then dab on silvers …… voila….. no gray. it does not sweat off. great in a pinch.

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