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DSW, Delightful Super Wow

It should be obvs by now that there’s not much I don’t love about shopping; the thrill of the hunt; the triumph of the score; the fact that my limited budget often results in new dresses cut from old pillowcases; et. al. However, there remains one area of retail in which I cannot claim expertise. Shoes, and shopping for them, are the bane of my existence.

When a shoe captures my attention, I generally look at it, pick it up, think about it, put it back, do a dawdling lap around the store, think about it some more, pick it up again, ask for its counterpart, put on the pair, do another dawdling lap around the store wearing them, and then decide whether or not I’m going to buy them. If not, I repeat the entire process with the next shoe I’m interested in. I try to be sensitive to shoe salespeople by avoiding them altogether, as I know this process makes me a big pain in their asses, and limit my shoe browsing to Loehmann’s, Century 21 and other T.O.Y. outlets (Try-On-Yourself, duh) where, more often than not, I’m too frustrated by the disorganization to scour the racks for a 7. With clothes, I’m a patient huntress, but with shoes, I’m an antsy priss – I want to be able to find my size without asking, sit down to put the shoes on, see how they look in both foot and full-length mirrors, and have enough space to ensure they’re made for walkin’. I thought this was a pipe dream…until I discovered DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).

I hit the chain’s Union Square location last Saturday – midafternoon – and hot damn! was it hoppin. Yet somehow, even in spite of the abundance of audible kvelling over various shoe scores, the store didn’t feel crowded. Displays organized according to brand, style, and heel height lined the wide welcoming aisles; stools and foot mirrors abounded; sizes were visible and easily located under the displays; various employees fluttered about keeping things pretty. And the SELECTION, like, holy EFF. Not only did DSW boast high-end labels at discount a la Marc by Marc Jacobs, PRADA, Cole Haan and Stuart Weitzman ; they stocked kickass designers with whom I was previously unfamiliar too!

Examples include, but are def not limited to: (from left)
oh…DEER! Ginger Sequined Pump, $129.95 (from $165); Shane & Shawn KK Peep Toe Platform, $125.95 (from $155);

Cindy Kyler Textured Leather Bootie, $129.94 (from $235); Cindy Uma Plaid & Floral Pump, $99.95 (from $129).

From now on, I’m doing my shoe shopping exclusively at DSW. For serious.



I imagine heaven to look more or less like a DSW. But with Fluevogs in stock.


I know you’re not a fan of online purchasing, but Zappos is great for my similarly indecisive shoe-purchasing MO; and they have some stellar deals, esp in hard-to-find sizes. Love the Shane & Shawn find!


oh…DEER’s shoes are very comfortable and they hold up surprisingly well. i should know, i (obviously) own a pair!


I was at DSW one time, scored a pair of REAL suede heels that were $5. 75% off and made in Italy, at a towering 4 inches. :D


Nooooooo ! I had nicely filled up my virtual bag only to find out come check-out time that they do not deliver outside the US !
Why ?!
With shoes at that price I wouldn’t mind the extra shipping fees, it’d still be a bargain !

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