Get Waisted: Eighties Denim Cutoffs

My flea market-specific price point standard is fairly straightforward: $15 or under, and I’ll consider buying it. ‘Consider’ being the operative word. Alas, much of the vintage offerings at hipsterburg’s Artists and Fleas are spectacularly overpriced. Shocking, I know. The chicness of the atmosphere and/or cool factor of the neighborhood in which said atmosphere exists does not change the fact that I am at a FLEA MARKET and as such, not planning on paying $120 for secondhand shoes, hip as they may be.

Yowzah – that sentence is a borderline-criminal grammatical offense oy veyyy. Moving on.

The reasonably priced vintage goodies lie in the less trafficked areas of Artists and Fleas, so I made my way to the back booths. These ten dollar dreams were found shortly thereafter:

I had the pleasure of viewing Hot Tub Time Machine yesterday evening. Twas a feast for the eyes, what with the radical eighties fashions and all. I kept hitting the pause button every time an epic outfit came onscreen, which turned the 90 minute movie into a three-hour ordeal and tested my BF’s patience. Poor baby.

If I could live in an age of stonewashed denim and neon ridiculousness I would, but I can’t. So I paired the eighties shorts with a seventies top and some present-day wedges instead.

This is called satiating a silly style urge sans looking like you’re en route to a Debbie Gibson concert. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter.

Oh, come on. You KNOW you loved Debbie too. E-LEC-TRIC YOUTH!


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