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Adventures in Etsy: Rockford Peach

After a solid month of inventory accumulating, steam cleaning, keyword research, lighting tweaking and photo editing, I’m finally ready to kick off my first solo resale venture: Rockford Peach – a collection of vintage apparel and accessories, thrifted by yours truly and currently available on Etsy!

Firstly, the logo – a dress in a peach tree, because each piece is a peach. Obviously.

Nextly, a few personal faves for your viewing pleasure. (Oh P.S. – I finally kinda sorta know how to take photographs. Lighting kits are a godsend.)

The Vintage 1960s Bonnie Cashin Rain Cape.
A phenomenal fusion of Mad Men style and Superwoman construction, and the best alternative to a trench coat ever.

Bonnie Cashin – FYI – was the reason Coach became the handbag and accessory powerhouse it still is today. I’m learning all sorts of vintage fashion trivia as of late :P

The 1970s Lanvin Floral Shirt Dress.
Lanvin and polyester might sound like an oxymoron, but this uber
pricey brand was all about it, once upon a retro time.

The print on this is bananas – vibrant florals paired with geometric paint splashes, with a vaguely Oriental vibe (aaaand I sound like I’m writing copy for Lucky oy veyyyyy).

Lastly, the most amazeballs skirt ever. Leather. Suede. Fringe. Purple. Oh, with some killer embroidered patchwork on the side. Think it sounds like too much? THINK AGAIN.

The front:

The back:

Know how sometimes vintage leather’s all stiff and shizzz? Not the case here – it’s buttery soft and and crinkled and moves like the purple cow it came from. Handmade in Israel, and the ultimate in wearable leather artistry.

If you’re active on Etsy and want to throw me a favorite (or nine) I’ll obvs be indebted to you fo eva. And to all my fellow label whores: Fret not, chickadees, there’s a contemporary component of Rockford Peach resale in the works. Stay tuned for more vintage AND brandtastic Peach picks.



Not trying to be a creeper, but I saw your previous post on the whole “breakup” thing, and totally relate as I had a similar experience lately, it sucks. I didn’t get to comment but anyway, I feel ya. Also, I have a serious thrifting problem in no small part because of the Buy the Bag store, and have been thinking on going the Etsy route, of only I had time…

Cheap JAP

dude, you’re so not a creeper, and thanks for the support! and DO go the Etsy route if you’re thinking about it – it’s one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms in existence. will def do a how-to post for getting started – so much easier and less scary than you think!

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