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Stupid Things in Style: Fast Fashion Footwear

Now lookee here, I’m all about beauteous designer shoes – they’re pretty, I like to look at them. I appreciate the craftsmanship that undoubtedly substantiates their $1000 price tags. I’m just not about to pay for it, and neither are you, and that’s precisely why Jimmy Choo for H&M and Pierre Hardy for GAP exist.

Let’s play a little game called What Are You Willing to Pay for Shoes from GAP and/or H&M? I’m willing to pay $50-$75ish, maybe a bit more if the shoes in question are very special (unlikely).

Let’s play another little game called What Would You Do if You Saw a $178 pair of platforms or a $345 pair of boots at either store?

I’d laugh my ass off.

I realize that in comparison with the Choo’s and Hardy’s Original Price Points, the numbers aren’t all that offensive. Here’s what pisses me off: The designer heavyweights behind collabs of this ilk have such hard-ons for their own names, they fail to consider the expectations of the shoppers who frequent the stores with which they’re collaborating.

When I’m shopping for shoes at GAP or H&M, I’m obvs expecting to score something reasonably cute ON THE CHEAP. If I was expecting to pay hundreds of dollars, I’d be shopping the clearance rack at Saks or Barney’s. It’s not effing rocket science – just a smart move for the average label whore.

If names are what you’re wooed by, would you rather pay $178 for Pierre Hardy’s GAP platform, or $394.63 (reduced from $1045) for his infinitely more badass Scuba Pump?

Why pay $345 for Choo’s “cost-friendly” H&M boot, if a hundred bucks more buys you the May Leather Boot ($478 reduced from $1195) from Choo’s namesake line?

Why, indeed.



OR, you can wait until the Gap/H&M digs go on sale and pay 30-70$ for the designer label.

The density of NYC in both stores allow you to wait a few months and still find stray products here and there. I had to search 3 Gap stores for the cute zip up Vena Cava dress, but I found it in my size (no longer online, even) in an hour for about $30. Decent quality, cute/wearable design, and at a Gap price.

Don’t hate the MSRP price (they’re all ridiculous, even normal Gap/H&M prices), live for the sale!


Totally with you! If I’m going to pay more than $100 for shoes, I’m going to get something I know is quality & comfortable – and I don’t really associate either of those with these discount-designer lines. It’s mostly the same craftsmanship and materials (as the regular store lines, i.e. not fabulous), with a name on it, that apparently means it gets marked up a huge amount. Cynical, me? Naah.

Oh PS, I thought of you today. I was in Borders and saw a girl wearing these SUPER awesome shoes. It went something like: “Excuse me, but your shoes are AWESOME.” “Oh thank you!” “D’you mind me asking where you got them? I’ve been looking for a pair in that style for ever!” “Oh yeah. Target!” *cue jaw drop from me* She adds “Yup. Thirty dollars.”

These are the shoes in question:

And you can bet your ass I’m getting a pair ASAP!


Seriously. What I do is wait from some girl dumber/richer than lil ol’ me to buy this shiz, wear it once and then take it to consignment.

The idea of having the “latest”, “in season” garb is OUT THE WINDOW.

Bonus to those of us who are patient, too, by the time this stuff gets to the consignment/resale shop, we’ll see if the trend is worth holding onto.

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