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Dressing Room Shots: H&M Faux Fur

Tell editorial fashion peeps you’re in the market for faux, and you’ll likely be directed to Joie’s $318 Glimmer Faux Fur Vest, Juicy Couture’s $328 Faux Fur Cropped Easy Coat or What Comes Around Goes Around’s $495 St. Morritz Faux Fur Jacket. Lucky for you, I’m not that big of an asshole.

(Oh, and I’ve been to What Comes Around Goes Around. I don’t know what pissed me off more – the ludicrous mark-up on high-end vintage, or the whiff of pretension pervading the entire store. But I digress.)

H&M’s white, pseudo-mink number reminds me of something my BFF Lucy bought at a flea market last year: We call it the Russian Prostitute coat. (Offensive, yes, but I mean that in the most complimentary sense possible). It’s the kind of coat you see on someone and you can’t tell if they’re edgy, homeless, crazy or all three. I obvs borrow it whenever I can.

H&M’s Russian Prostitute Redux is as well-cut and warm as the Fraggle Rock, and bears the same $129 tag. I thought the price was a bit high until I recalled what my mother used to spend on my winter coats, which is astronomical in comparison. Quality, stylish outerwear at anything under $200 is hard to come by, and while I can’t speak to the staying power of H&M’s options, I can affirm that they’re hot as hell (figuratively and literally). Based on all that, $129 ain’t so bad.

Onto the cropped vest: It’s a funky addition to any outfit, fo sho. I’m just not that into spending $49 on a fur-esque excessory. If you’re more into accents than outerwear, Uniqlo’s Faux Fur Scarf is, at $10.50, a much wiser choice.

Now, for the fuzzy rock star of the bunch: A fluffy-necked peacoat/dress fusion that also comes in black and gray. I flipped when I saw it on the hanger; I double-flipped upon trying it on.

It’s thinner than both the Fraggle and the Russian Prostitute Redux and, as such, not as toasty.

It’s also tagged at $99, so kudos to H&M for pricing according to amounts of material used. That this beauteous marriage of trendy and classy can be had for less than $100 is the icing on the cake.

Or the fur on the collar, as it were.



I saw that white coat in h&m a week ago and LOVED it, so fuzzy… although my heart is sold to the aqua sport full on lepoard print fur coat I featured on my blog. Part crazy french lady, part pimp, ALL me.
As for that last coat, its very sleek and classy and you look fabulous in it. I hope you bought it!


$50 IS a bit steep, but I love the look of the cropped vest.


Have you ever played the game called is it a hooker or a Russian immigrant? If not, you are missing out. I suggest going to a predominantly Russian area at night ( here in Toronto, that’s North York.) So, whatever the Russian ‘hood is in NY, ( Brighton Beach?) go there at night, sit on the patio and every time you see a woman wearing obscene amounts of makeup, hooker shoes, and fur you have to guess if she is a) a hooker or b) a Russian.


Alright, I have a very similar coat to the white one, but I got it at a consignment store last winter for 32$. And I love it.

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