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A Thrifter’s Wet Dream: Housing Works Buy the Bag

Okayfine, describing the relaunch of Housing Works Buy the Bag as a wet dream is maybe a little bit gross. It’s also incredibly accurate.

This is warehouse-style thrifting, beotches. Much like sex or the prospect thereof, it involves varying degrees of shame and frustration. Whether or not you allow these feelings to jeopardize your ability to snag some material tail is a matter of mental fortitude.

That means think positive, for fuck’s sake.

At most thrift warehouses (see Goodwill Outlet Center, Queens), clothing gets lumped into general textiles and ends up buried among dirty towels, stained pillowcases and used jockstraps (yum).

Why should you give Buy the Bag a whirl, even if you’ve never before braved the bins? Because Housing Works PRE-SORTS their donated goods, removing the irrelevant ick before their bins hit the floor. This increases your odds of finding something amazeballs exponentially. Obvs.

One killer item at twenty five bucks is thrilling. But five pieces? Ten? However many you can stuff into a Housing Works Buy the Bag (which is now approximately 25% larger than it used to be, btdubs)? That’s enough to make a lot of women go absolutely batshit crazy in pursuit.

I say this not to scare you, but to encourage you to embrace your inner shopping animal. You can thank me when you’re basking in the satisfied afterglow of multiple epic scores.

Speaking of scores, it’s time for me to brag obnoxiously about my finds. Let’s begin with the most seasonally relevant of the bunch – this stellar vintage alpine zip-up sweater.

Stripes, snowflakes AND tiny little hearts?! I’m KVELLING.

This sweater exemplifies the fun factor of vintage. Anything goes, including an unconventional color scheme of forest green, periwinkle, cream and oxblood (which is like so haute right now) executed in mixed prints. It’s 100% wool and heretofore, itchy as sin. But it’s warm enough to rival an effing mylar blanket. I intend on rocking it with a soft, thin Uniqlo Heat Tech turtle. Lurves.

PAUSE – I just realized I have enough content to fill more than one post.

More soon. And yes, I missed you too. :P



I am alone in my house, yet I actually gasped and exclaimed out loud “She’s back!”

Cheap JAP

omfg you just made my DAY. thx so much for reading. i promise i won’t disappear again :P


Glad to see you back! Thought you disappeared from the face of the earth since your last post was a year ago!

sage Parker



What an early xmas present this post is!!! your irreplaceable voice has been sorely missed…… Thanks for keeping the blog alive, can’t help but hope there’ll be a book someday


Thank fuck you’re back!
Been missing the wit and epic thrift-finds – somehow not a combination I’m able to find in my own country…
Been checking in once in a while in the hopes of finding a new post from you put alas…and then in the midst of my oh-so-typical-Danish-winter-examination-depression you have suddenly returned!
You’re not restoring my motivation to finish my assignment, but you are giving my forehead a much deserved break from being repeatedly smashed into the keyboard.
So thanks and happy new year :)


So after reading your post and hearing about the Buy the Bag location, I finally hauled ass over there. Can I knell for a minute? 3 pairs of brand new shoes, a 398 dollars Brooks Brothers sweater for the bf/and/or me to steal, Madewell skinnies, about 8 vintage purses, Club Monaco and Oscar de la Renta belts, more cashmere, a wacky 80s sweater… Dying over here. I had to dig for 4 hours but the ridiculous like new Coach bag I unearthed/put on ebay will pay for the 2 $25 bags I bought. THANK YOU!!

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