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The Non-Straight Leg Jean Boot Tuck

Dear Cheap JAP,

I am a legging whore but when I’m not wearing leggings, I go for the skinny jeans tucked into boots. The problem is, my jeans bunch up and are all uncomfortable tucked into the boots. A friend of mine told me a while back, that she heard about a new invention that kept the jeans in place–no bunching or anything. Of course, now I can’t find it because I don’t know what it’s called. Do you know? Or do you have any other recommendations? Maybe use the clasps that hold my sheets onto my mattress?



This is a common problem, fo sho. The solution requires the magic of an old pair of tights. Bust out the scissors, grab some old and/or damaged hosiery you’d otherwise trash, and cut off the legs a few inches above the knee. Observe:

Don the rebellious denim, smooth it as best you can over your calf, and tuck it into the legs of the tights-turned-spandex socks like so:

Pull on boots. Doneskies. :)

(If you find your old tights’ elasticity has expired, a pair of stockings or knee-highs from any drug store is an excellent alternative. That is all.)



You have saved the life of my jeans! My friends and I had this conversation last night. My advice was safety pins at the bottom of your jeans. Cinch and pin. You’re golden for miles. But with this method, no more holes and ruining the integrity of my pants!


what brand are your boots? they are lovely!


Look up pant clips. Dover Saddlery has them for $3 on sale. Those mattress sheet clips might also work but they’d be a little long. You could make these for very little, too!




great tip! i used to cheat and had a pair of denim capris i would pair with boots, so that way i’d only have to tuck in a few inches of fabric, and no one was ever the wiser! this is also the only way i will be seen in capris in public, ever.

i, like previous poster dana, am also in love with the boots you are wearing in the pic, where can i get a pair?


Those boots are THE FINEST looking boots I have seen without a heel. Please tell us what brand they are!!

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