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Epic Scores: Loeffler Randall Top

I’m not really a blouse person – I sweat too much and spill things on myself too often to don dry-clean-only shizzz. I wear blouses so rarely, I manage to forget their purpose entirely… until I have to go to temple or some charity event requiring business-esque attire.

Only then do I realize I have JACK SHIT to wear.

I was unaware that Loeffler Randall made anything beyond teeny weeny handbags costing upwards of $295 a pop. (Are said handbags adorable? Yes. Is it moronic to drop over two benjamins on something too small to accomodate your wallet? Also yes.)

I learned of the brand’s apparel extension upon unearthing this chic little number at Buy the Bag.

Versatile non-color, fab neckline construction, 100% silk – me LIKEY.

I’d like to pause here to address the voices in my head, which are currently judging the shit out of the photo above. I didn’t blow-dry my hair; I couldn’t be bothered to put on lipstick. I’M NOT EVEN WEARING PANTS.

What could possibly be the logic behind such piss-poor presentation?

I don’t read many fashion and style blogs, because the vast majority of them don’t really say a goddamn thing. Like a shoe blog featuring a bajillion professionally airbrushed photos of $700 stilettos that the author’s like, so obsessed with. A blog that does little more than perpetuate the kind of aspirational bullshit that keeps retail prices high and us feeling low. Those of us with neurons know it’s not really adding value to anyone’s life.

Maybe mine doesn’t either, but at least it’s composed of real, live sentences.

My photos aren’t kinda-meh on purpose. They’re sub-par because I’d rather spend my time writing than dicking around with lighting or outfit composition. I’m okay with that. I hope you are too.

Where the eff was I? Blouses, yes – very deep and important subject matter. Let us continue.

The retail value of a Loeffler Randall top is approximately $195. The one pictured was among the twelve items stuffed into my $25 Housing Works bag.

Math time!

$25.00 / 12 items = $2.08 per item.

That’s the numerical way of saying I snagged this puppy for less than three bucks.

Hard evidence at left.

Peacey outtie.


Julie Joyce

Good Lord I’m glad you’re back!!!


I am so effing glad you are back blogging!! There is seriously a dearth of legit thrifting blogs out there.

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