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Adventures in Etsy: Rockford Peach

Cheap JAP launches Rockford Peach vintage handpicked apparel and accessories. Highlights: a 1960s Bonnie Cashin rain cape, a 1970s Lanvin shirt dress and a vintage handmade purple leather and suede fringed skirt.

Killer Coats at Goodwill Chelsea

My mom tried to buy me a coat at TJ Maxx a few months ago – something of the down, puffy ilk. A three-quarter length puffer coat, while undeniably practical, tends not to flatter those of below-average height and above-average cup size. I declined her generous offer, explaining that I didn’t intend to spend the winter months moonlighting as a waddling marshmallow. I’ve been freezing my ass off ever since. read full spiel…

I Went To The Bronx And All I Found Was This T By Alexander Wang Sweater

A blog post that isn’t a last-minute gift guide and/or 2012 fashion round-up?! You’re welcome. Here’s a 2013 resolution to mull over: Let us vow to look beyond labels when determining material merit.

I hauled ass to the Bronx the other day to scope out Unique Thrift – a behemoth of a store endorsed by many in the NYC thrifting scene. Ultimately, I spent an hour on the 1 train only to find myself drowning in a putrid sea of Adrianna Papell and Coldwater Creek. More on that later.

Onto the aforementioned T by Alexander Wang sweater:
read full spiel…

Epic Scores: Loeffler Randall Top

I’m not really a blouse person – I sweat too much and spill things on myself too often to don dry-clean-only shizzz. I wear blouses so rarely, I manage to forget their purpose entirely… until I have to go to temple or some charity event requiring business-esque attire.

Only then do I realize I have JACK SHIT to wear.

I was unaware that Loeffler Randall made anything beyond teeny weeny handbags costing upwards of $295 a pop. (Are said handbags adorable? Yes. Is it moronic to drop over two benjamins on something too small to accomodate your wallet? Also yes.)

I learned of the brand’s apparel extension upon unearthing this chic little number at Buy the Bag.
read full spiel…