A Thrifter’s Wet Dream: Housing Works Buy the Bag

housing works buy the bag

Okayfine, describing the relaunch of Housing Works Buy the Bag as a wet dream is maybe a little bit gross. It’s also incredibly accurate. This is warehouse-style thrifting, beotches. Much like sex or the prospect thereof, it involves varying degrees of shame and frustration.¬†Whether or not you allow these feelings to jeopardize your ability to […]

Junk Jam! (Killer Vintage Necklace)

vintage scrap metal necklace

At AuH2O Thriftique, we’re pretty old school about how we stock our store. We go out and unearth the gently worn gems ourselves for two reasons: 1. We’re utterly addicted to the thrill of the hunt. 2. We’re DIRT CHEAP. We spend hours on end in icky, icky places to deliver the goods at the […]

A Modern Perversion of Vintage

vintage clothing labels

On an AuH2O stock run a few weeks back, Kate and I came across two labels of note.One was vintage. One was pretending to be. The label at left hails from a time when shoppers actually gave a shit about where their clothing came from. A time when textile workers had real, live rights.An International […]

Vodka, Me and QVC

qvc chain bib

So, it’s Saturday night. I’m supposed to hit a party with my BF in Brooklyn but I’m all kinds of exhaustified. I decide to be responsible (read: drink cocktails at my apartment instead of at a bar), tell the BF to have a boys’ night and settle in for an evening of total control over […]

Damage-Free Digging at One of a Kind Thrift Shop

calypso blouse

I trekked to Queens the other day in search of new and noteworthy neighborhood thrifts (whoa alliteration overload – my bad).My first stop was Second Best Thrift Shop in Astoria. On the organizational front, it was basically like Green Village Junk Shop, except smaller and with way less clothes. I mean, I guess it could […]