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Ralph Lauren Black Label At…Marshalls?!

Dear Cheap JAP,

I found this Ralph Lauren *Black Label* (ahh) orange linen crop jacket at a Marshalls in the middle of nowhere for… $15 on clearance. It had to be a mistake because the retail price on the RL tags were $1,095 and it was in perfect condition. That means I basically got this jacket for 99% off. I don’t really know how I’ll wear it yet because it’s a bright red orange, but I just couldn’t pass it up!

Lurking nearby was another Black Label masterpiece, a black velvet strapless cocktail dress with a bubble skirt. Unfortunately it was still priced at $200 but I’ll be checking up on it frequently. Eek wish me luck.

Black Label at Marshalls for $15? ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! This stunner of a jacket’s more than a bonafide score – it’s an effing INSPIRING find! Don’t stress about the color; just go neutral on bottom (this would be KILLER with white jeans, methinks). I’m bright green with envy. Also very, very proud. :) Well done you!

Oooh, and do keep us posted on that cocktail dress.



i would never buy that for $1000, for $15 maybe. anyways amazing score, can’t wait to see how you wear it.


Or try it with a bright dress and matching shoes, it you are more out there.


WOAH. What an amazing bargain! My big $15 Marshall’s find was a pair of cashmere socks. Nice, but nowhere near as good.


Ralph Lauren Black Label has been popping up at multiple Marshalls. Most of it is still priced high and discounted no lower than what RL would discount it on the sale portion of their site. Some items are actually priced higher in Marshalls than what RL lists on the sale portion of their website.

Saw a Black Label men’s peacoat in Marshall’s two days ago.
MSRP – $1495.00, Marshalls asking $699, RL Sale site – $595. C’mon Marshalls you’re a discounter, do the math!

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