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Sally Hansen’s Brilliant Nail Polish Alternative

It takes me 30 to 45 minutes to execute the at-home manicure process convincingly, drying time excluded. Is this an adequate use of my time?

Not by a long shot. I’m sorry, but a chip-free paint job isn’t all that rewarding if it robs me of my ability to type ludicrous speed (and by ‘type,’ I mean hammer. Delicacy ain’t my thang.) I do my own nails on rare occasions of extreme boredom; I tend to enjoy the challenge more than the results, which are subpar at best.

Press-on nails are obvs quick-fix alternative to the time suck that is the DIY manicure, but the cheerleaders who used to *accidentally* bump me into lockers wore them, so they kinda scare the shit out of me. I can still hear them drumming their fingers on the wooden desks, anticipating the four minutes between classes allotted for terrorizing freshmen girls. Clickety clickety clickety, tap tap tap. Eek!

Press-on nails are out on account of traumatic association. At home manicures are out on account of being a pain in the ass. Is there an alternate strategy for DIY nails, or is a keyboard hammerer like me sentenced to a life unpainted?

Yesterday, whilst browsing the beauty section at Duane Reade, I got my answer.

The solids are good; the glitters are better. And the PRINTS! Outrageous!

The nail polish strips cost $8.99 a pop, and last up to ten days. Duane Reade was sold out of all the prints except the butterflies – sad, but not sad enough to dim my enthusiasm. I’m on a mission for the fishnet and houndstooth strips, and I’m willing to scour every drug store in the city until said mission is complete.

Loves it!



Totally shocked to see your post! I would never expect the artistic, creative do it yourself-er like yourself who is so into saving money would spend the equivilant of a full bottle of polish on a ten day manicure.

Not judging or saying you shouldn’t, just never would have guessed you would be for these!

They certainly are cool though!!


@bluejinx – considering the cost of getting minx or nail designs at this level of intricacy at a salon, these strips are actually a steal. not all of us are creative enough to be able to recreate houndtooth or lace patterns on our own (and to replicate many of these patterns you’d need more than one bottle of nail polish at least. think about it :)

@cheapjap – try CVS, their nail polish selections in general have been blowing duane reade out of the water and when i went they had tons of these


I love these! This is a more cost effective alternative to the Mink nails that came out a few years ago. Although it is 8.99 a pop….that lasts longer than a normal manicure and is more expensive, so I guess this wins.

Do you peel them off when your tired of them or do they come off on their own?

Cheap JAP

oh they DEF don’t come off on their own, nor do they peel off – you gotta scrub at these things with nail polish remover, and LOTS OF IT. only downside to the stickies is running your hand through your hair – strays tend to get caught in the strips and subsequently ripped out of your head. yikes!


I tried some of these out a while back, not Sally Henson I can’t remember the brand. I loved them for about 30 minutes, but it quickly dawned on me that they really did look like stickers and as you said I kept getting my hair caught in the peely edges. Ouch.

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