Is It Too Cold for Seersucker? Wait I Don’t Care.

My Goodwill Outlet haul included a barely-worn J.Crew Seersucker blazer. Shit. You. Not.

Fitting rooms tend not to exist in places where clothes are $1.69 a pound. I wasn’t totally comfortable with the idea of trying anything on before it underwent my requisite sanitation process either. I had the J.Crew Seersucker dry-cleaned, and found myself nonplussed by the fit a few days later. Seeing as having something professionally tailored defeats the purpose of buying by the pound, I brainstormed alternatives.

Velcro, people. VELCRO.

Here’s the dilly when you’re working with velcro: You must keep the fuzzy part attached to the courser, more durable part for the first portion of the glueing process. The entire exterior of the velcro strip should be smooth, because the sticky parts are facing each other. This is to ensure everything lines up correctly once you un-velcro the velcro.

Firstly: I cinched the jacket around me to its desired fit, then made marks on the exterior and interior portions so I’d know where to put the velcro.

Nextly: I left the velcro attached to itself, snipped a strip of appropriate size, and glued one side of the smooth part to the exterior of the blazer. After it dried (with hot glue, that takes about 30 seconds) I glued the other smooth side of the strip to the interior portion, leaving the velcro stuck to itself the whole time.

Lastly: Once both sides are dry, un-velcro the velcro and voila! Everything lines up perfectly. (Overachievers can hot glue an extra button to the front of the jacket at this point.)

Is it too chilly for Seersucker right now? Possibly. But how SICK does the material look with pinstriped Hudson jean shorts?!

Witness my spring suit.


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    Genius, pure genius. I have a blazer in my closet I haven’t worn do to the fit being to loose. I’m gonna try the velcro trick. As far as wearing Seersucker now, why not? The outfit looks awesome.

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