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Shorty in a Pencil Skirt

Subject: Shoes for a Pencil Skirt

So I’ve been emailing a bunch of my friends for advice on what to wear with this light blue skirt.

My question is, do you have any recommendations on a good pair of shoes for a tweed pencil skirt, ones that I can wear around my unevenly paved Southern California college? Thanks so much and I totally love what you come up with!

Subject: Re: Shoes for a Pencil Skirt

Okay. Let’s discuss the skirt before we tackle the shoes. Objectively speaking, insert applause here. If I had to choose a shade/material combo to epitomize Fall in SoCal, it really would be aqua melange tweed. But the length – oy, the length! Fat, skinny, pear-shaped, whatever; if you’re under 5’5″ there are few things more infuriating than that god-forsaken mid-thigh length skirt. At 5’2″, I’ve been frustrated by this same issue more than I care to admit. I usually just hack the icky-lengthed skirts into minis, ’cause I’m classy like that ;). I have, however, figured out the only shoe solution to the dreaded mid-thigh length skirt. And it ain’t cobblestone-friendly.

When your gene pool hands you the shorty stick, you gotta counter it with pumps: Nothing lengthens a leg like a high heel and a pair of tights in the same color as said heel. The Nine West Quadrant Heel, ($68) or the Seychelles Outta Frying Pan Pump ($89.95) are just begging for grey hosiery.

Darker colors work equally well with your skirt of choice: This Franco Sarto Happy Pump ($88) works if you like navy, and this Rafe Pointy Toe Pump ($123.99 from $275, thank you Bluefly) is a to-die-for shoe if you want to go brown. (Pair with navy and brown tights, respectively. Obvs).

Lastly, since you get to hit the books in mild weather all year round, a tan and/or nude heel is a no brainer for bare legs (just slather on some self-tanner if your stems have lost their summer glow). This Aerosoles Conquer Open-Toe Pump ($67.96) looks like it might actually be comfortable to walk in. And my fave, by far, is this Naughty Monkey Straight and Narrow Pump ($84.95) – look how the blue detail picks up the aqua in the skirt!

I know a heel isn’t overly practical for walking to-and-from class. But neither is buying something that hinders your hotness. Dressing up for class makes you do better in school, so break out the skirt, break in some pumps, and witness the transformational power of the glorious high heel. (And buy Tough Strips Band-Aids – they’ll see you through the blistering potential of new shoes :P).


Cheap JAP



Nice! I’m on the short side, too. Also, great site!


THE WAY that I can’t for the life of me find a pair of shoes that I fit perfectly into. Any suggestions for thin insoles that’ll make living in heels that much easier than stuffing cotton balls?!

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