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Summer Sandal Splurgy Poo

When it comes to splurges, I’m kind of a Scrooge. The prospect of paying $50 for a given thing, brandtastic or no, is usually cause for nausea. Shoes are one of the few types of splurge-appropriate material goodies, particularly those of the mint condition consignment ilk.

I have six letters for you: NWT DJP. That’s New-With-Tags-Donald-J-Pliner. See photographic evidence below.

Donald J. Pliner footwear is basically a gift to womankind. He’s pricey, but he’s got the hot walkable shoe nailed. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up. (Sorry, had a Ferris Bueller moment there.)

DJP’s ability to concoct shoes that (a) give you a serious height boost and (b) liberate you from blisters, bunions, aches and pains exempts him from cost-related criticism usually reserved for things costing upwards of $250.00. That being said, who the eff am I kidding? I so do NOT have the means for $250.00.

$250.00 shoes for $84.99? That I can do. Particularly if they’re TAGS ON NEW.

Everything’s marked-up in New York, secondhand stores notwithstanding. These stellar espadrilles would have cost me $150, minimum, if I’d had a lapse in judgment and purchased them at a Manhattan consignment shop. Where’d I find these puppies for such a palatable price?

At Designer Consignments, one of my fave Garden State spots. Everything’s cheaper in Jersey and heretofore, better. :P

Loves it!



Total cosign on the Pliner love…Looking at the Photo you’ve been blessed with a discernible arch in your foot.

As someone with a foot more on the flat side of things his shoes are magic as far as a 8 pairs out of 10 looking good on my foot/being comfy.

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