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Witchy Woman Style

This past Monday, i.e. Valentine’s Day, the window display at

A little black dress. Mine’s from H&M: I resisted scissoring it into a minidress for four solid years, leaving it knee-length for classy occasions, synagogue and/or funerals, but I’m happy I finally gave in. The lining started shredding as soon as I’d cut it, so I want with the raw thang and hemmed it with a loop stitch to keep the hem in tact.

Note: Loop stitch is not a technical term – it’s what happens when you poke a needle and thread through the inside of the garment close to the interior edge, then loop it around the exterior edge in lieu of poking it through the outside of the garment. If that makes any sense.

A black blazer (a vintage

The shoes are a no-brainer, as black, lace-up, combat-inspired boots epitomize the nod-to-goth look. These are

“We are the weirdos, mister.” Bah!

Cold Weather Boots, Sans Fugliness

I said BRRR, it’s COLD in here (I said there must be some Clovers in the at-mo-sphere!…sorry). Even fashion’s pre-spring psychobabble can’t change the fact that it’s effing freezing in NYC. A few weeks ago, I realized the heinous extent to which I was unprepared for this winter. Oh sure, I have sweaters, heavy coats, the secret weapon that is the Uniqlo Heat-Tech top. What was my winter wardrobe lacking, and why?

Insulated, cold weather boots. Because they’re fucking ugly.

When I realized maintaining my protest against fugly footwear meant sprinting around town to stay warm, I cut my losses; I hate cold weather boots, but I really fucking hate exercise. So I sucked it up, hit Century 21, and spent money I didn’t have on shoes I didn’t want to wear. The shoes in question are faux shearling-lined, rubber-tipped, lace-up snowboots by

Buzz Front Lace Sport Boot,

Moola Ankle Boot,

Kia-2 Boot, Miss Me, $59.95; Firenzy Plaid Boot, Sorel, $120.00.

Vintage Riding Boots

Authentic vintage riding boots from Hamlet’s Vintage, NYC. A bitch to break in, but well worth the pain.