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Best. Jumpsuit. Ever.

Before I reveal the specifics of my epic jumpsuit find, I’d like to revisit one of thrift’s greatest truths:

The last thing you find is usually the best.

Here’s how this usually plays out: You’ve been thrifting for however long it takes to fully exhaust your shopping stamina. You’re hungry; you’re grouchy; you’re running on fumes; you’re ready to get the hell outta dodge. You’ve got two choices at this point: Call it a day, or hang tough for ten more minutes.

What happens in those last ten minutes? You find things like this:

This vintage khaki jumpsuit is, hands down, one of my favorite scores in the history of my secondhand shopping career.

It fits perfectly; its neutral tone tempers its ridiculousness; it looks sick tucked into boots; it’s a kickass outfit in one fell swoop. I found it at Green Village Junk Shop after an hour and a half of hunting.

Tacking ten minutes of overtime onto ninety minutes of strenuous sifting isn’t a sane decision by any stretch of the imagination, but crazy clearly pays off.

So. Effing. Worth It. Eek!

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