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Overall Shorts Make Me Happy

This stellar pair of overalls cost me eight bucks at

I layered them over a Theory blouse (also Buff Ex – $21.00, WORD) and added navy tights and black Etienne Aigner oxfords (Mommy’s closet). Decent, but still missing something.

Blazers: The ultimate outfit finishing tool. I snagged the vintage number pictured on my latest stock run to Goodwill Outlet Center, where I paid fifty-five dollars for thirty-seven pounds of clothing.

The actual cost of this blazer? Approximately 75 cents.

Effing thriftastic.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Clothes for Cash

Ahh, January. The month in which we feel the pain of over-indulgent spending. Is it possible to undo the monetary damage of the holiday season? Not entirely, but selling your unworn clothes, shoes and accessories for cash is bound to alleviate some guilt. Follow this handy list of Do’s and Don’ts, and you’ll be able to net some much-needed moolah in exchange for your closet castoffs. Here we go.

DO: Clean Your Closet Thoroughly
Take a good hard look at your wardrobe, and be brutally honest with yourself about what you do and don’t wear. Items that have gone unworn for six months or more should be removed from your closet immediately. What happens when you hang onto stuff that’s too small on the off-chance it’ll fit again some day? You try it on periodically, and it makes you feel like crap about yourself. Get it out, and don’t look back.

Note: 80% of your outfits come from 20% of your clothes. That means you could get rid of over half your wardrobe, and your style wouldn’t change a lick. I’m just saying.

DON’T: Be Delusional
Think someone’s going to pay you for dated work apparel or nineties-era Paris Blues? Think again. Retail might be struggling, but resale is recession-proof: Secondhand boutiques are pickier than ever about what they buy. A Buffalo Exchange staffer summed it up best: “If it’s not something your best friend or sister would want, chances are a resale shopper won’t want it either.” If it’s seasonally and stylistically relevant, it’s a potential seller. If not, into the donation pile it goes.

DO: Divide and Conquer
Split your potential sellers into two piles: resale and consignment. A

Imagine the gently worn world as a highbrow department store. The Premium Designer floor is consignment. The Contemporary Women’s Apparel floor is resale. Helpful analogy, yes?

Read the rest on Huffington Post Style. Tweet for good shopping karma :P.

Cheap Topshop Skirts Exist

The inflated price points of Topshop apparel make it a sorry excuse for a trend fix on a budget. With a little resale magic, Topshop skirts are affordable. Yay.