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Epic Scores: Loeffler Randall Top

I’m not really a blouse person – I sweat too much and spill things on myself too often to don dry-clean-only shizzz. I wear blouses so rarely, I manage to forget their purpose entirely… until I have to go to temple or some charity event requiring business-esque attire.

Only then do I realize I have JACK SHIT to wear.

I was unaware that Loeffler Randall made anything beyond teeny weeny handbags costing upwards of $295 a pop. (Are said handbags adorable? Yes. Is it moronic to drop over two benjamins on something too small to accomodate your wallet? Also yes.)

I learned of the brand’s apparel extension upon unearthing this chic little number at Buy the Bag.
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A Thrifter’s Wet Dream: Housing Works Buy the Bag

Okayfine, describing the relaunch of Housing Works Buy the Bag as a wet dream is maybe a little bit gross. It’s also incredibly accurate.

This is warehouse-style thrifting, beotches. Much like sex or the prospect thereof, it involves varying degrees of shame and frustration. Whether or not you allow these feelings to jeopardize your ability to snag some material tail is a matter of mental fortitude.

That means think positive, for fuck’s sake.

At most thrift warehouses (see Goodwill Outlet Center, Queens), clothing gets lumped into general textiles and ends up buried among dirty towels, stained pillowcases and used jockstraps (yum).

Why should you give Buy the Bag a whirl, even if you’ve never before braved the bins? Because Housing Works PRE-SORTS their donated goods, removing the irrelevant ick before their bins hit the floor. This increases your odds of finding something amazeballs exponentially. Obvs.
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Sample Sale Postmortem

Items from Alexander Wang and Walter sample sales pop up at Housing Works thrift shop. Is it fair for a thrift store to price NWT designer apparel over $100?

Summery Vintage Blouses

Palatable price points at Williamsburg shop Viceversa vintage result in a purchase of a gauzy retro blouse. How to snag summery vintage tops for less.