A Modern Perversion of Vintage

vintage clothing labels

On an AuH2O stock run a few weeks back, Kate and I came across two labels of note.One was vintage. One was pretending to be. The label at left hails from a time when shoppers actually gave a shit about where their clothing came from. A time when textile workers had real, live rights.An International […]

Retro Plus Retail Equals An Oxymoron

safari tops trends

Surprise! Miss me? Good. Ditto. Discussion on the absurdity of Spring’s Retro Trend shall heretofore commence. Clarifying the meaning of “retro” as it relates to style is probs a good place to start. Let’s jack some knowledge from Wikipedia: Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall postmodern […]

Retail Vs. Vintage: Oxford-Inspired Shoes

vintage oxford pump

I recently spotted a pair of SICK Jeffrey Campbell shoes whilst browsing Shopbop (one of my many procrastination tactics). The line coined them Boxxy Suede Booties; I was drawn to them for their oxford-esque appearance, and heavily dig the fact that they lace up the front. What makes them booties anyway, the extra inch of […]