Vodka, Me and QVC

qvc chain bib

So, it’s Saturday night. I’m supposed to hit a party with my BF in Brooklyn but I’m all kinds of exhaustified. I decide to be responsible (read: drink cocktails at my apartment instead of at a bar), tell the BF to have a boys’ night and settle in for an evening of total control over […]

Three Rules For Running a Thrift Boutique


About a month or so ago, an intriguing flyer made its way into my mailbox. Goodwill was going upmarket, reserving the best of its donation pool for its latest initiative:The Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique. Thrift boutiques – thriftiques, if you will – have been popping up all over as of late. Kate Goldwater and I […]

Peace Out Mini, Hello Maxi (A Killer Vintage Skirt)

long skirt trend

Pardon the absence, chickadees – biznass at my thriftique is, well, BOOMING.By the by, we’re phasing out consignment and phasing in cash-for-clothes – if you’ve got castoffs to sell, we’d love to take a look! Email to set up an appointment with me or my hetero-life-mate, Kate Goldwater.I schlep it out on stock runs, […]