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How To: Repair Damaged Fur

A damaged fur coat gets a DIY repair job with a patch cut from a vintage fur scarf. Saks Fifth Avenue fur jacket, $10.00, Green Village Junk Shop, Brooklyn.

DIY Goes Pro With ALIOMI

DIY fashion inspires the launch of NYC based line ALIOMI. Vintage shorts, blazers and tops get an originality injection with studs, scissors and clothing pins.

IndieShop: A Handmade HSN

New online store IndieShop is the handmade version of the home shopping network. Upcycled clothes and accessories for when you’re overwhelmed by browsing Etsy.

Unique Upcycled Wares

A preview of Etsy’s selection of upcycled leather handbags and accessories. Recycled leather isn’t just unique; it’s better for the planet than PVC.