Marc Jacobs’ Vintage-Inspired Dress vs. The Real Deal

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

This is a dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ latest runway show.The technical term for a dress like this is vintage-inspired. Horseshit. This is highbrow copycatting at its most uncreative.I mean, if you’re going to highjack a design from a previous era, at least DO SOMETHING to it to make it your own. Why buy […]

Witchy Woman Style


This past Monday, i.e. Valentine’s Day, the window display at my thriftique was a shitshow of pink. I figured I’d temper the girly vibe/commiserate with uncoupled shoppers by donning an all-black ensemble. It wasn’t until a customer commented on my outfit that I realized the true source of its inspiration.- You know that movie The […]

SBH Thrift Store Sale Yields Louis Verdad Dress

louis verdad minidress

Big Fat Alert: The elusive, off-the-grid, gem-riddled Sephardic Bikur Holim Thrift Store (yes, I’m Jewish, no, I don’t know what the eff it means in Hebrew) is having a 50% Off Sale NOW through January 14th. For those unaware, SBH Thrift (phew, that’s easier) is located off the Kings Highway F train stop in Gravesend, […]