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Take Back the Gender. Boycott American Apparel.

Because equating femininity with crotch shots and blowjob faces is, like, so last season.


After you’ve joined the Facebook Movement Against American Apparel-clad T&A, feel free to create your own versions of the propaganda below.

And, just for fun, let’s compare/contrast some dude responses to my I-AM-WOMAN roars:

In response to The Slut Jig is Up, Jordan wrote:

so marry me please. i actually can not STAND what american apparel ads do to the status of women as consumers and as human beings. please post the link to the facebook campaign when you have it up and going, i will invite ALL of my friends.

What a dollface. Do we love him? Yes we do. Onto Matthew:

first-world, middle class, 1990s feminism.

Really, dude? Your misogyny isn’t offensive so much as predictably uncreative. You can get the fuck off my blog now.



So I was thinking, how bad can AA be? I haven’t looked in a long time. So I went to take a peak and you know its not the poses that necessarily bother me, its the fact that the women are acting like sluts and the men just stand there doing absolutely NOTHING! If we’re going to look bad at least give us some eye candy AA, seriously.


I never notice how bad their campaigns are cos never occurred to me to buy anything from there. But you pointed out something that has been going for some time and it’s not only through AA. Lots of high fashion brands use the sexual and slutty poses on the models for their advertisements and that has been like a status quo and noted as the exemplary meaning of being “hot.”


AA has no stores in my country but I have noticed these online and they always sickned me. I would never buy anything from there, just because their image is so unnapealing and downright offensive. Besides, their clothes are so boring and ugly this is the only way they can sell it, I guess.


They’re not marketing to girls who like boys. Get over it, you’re not in their target market demographic.


You need to seriously chill the f*ck out… Sex sells, nothing new here. Even designers such a Tom Ford use topless women in provocative poses flashing on a TV screen in a storefront window on Madison Avenue. If you are self-conscious or feel threatened/violated than those are your own demons…

Censorship starts with the individual. If you don’t like what you see, look away… I honestly don’t think that American Apparel gives men unrealistic expectations of women. After all the models, (while I admit are thin) are not the “model” type, but sort of the girl-next-door type; honest and erotic, sort of like lounging in bed on a Saturday morning…

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