Retail Vs. Resale: Tibi Jacket

Summer is a time for elements absent from the majority of my wardrobe: Color and Prints. I don’t seek out colors and prints that scream HOT and SUNNY because they lack versatility, but sometimes I’m charmed beyond practicality. Take Tibi’s Josephine Blazer, for instance:

Is this a killer nod to warm weather? Yes. Do Tibi jackets retail for around $398.00? Also yes. My penchant for neutrals and northeast location makes splurging on something like this almost as ludicrous as the price tag itself. If I could find something like this for a more reasonable number – say, $24.95 – it’d be a different story. One in which I’d BUY IT on the SPOT.

I did. And I did.

A brandtastic infusion of summery material goodness for under thirty bucks.

Loves it!


  1. Ann says

    ….dying of envy here!=)
    You always do find the best things A.,=)
    Oh—and you have a new domain,=).
    Hava a happy day!=)

  2. says

    Congrats on the new site. also i feel like i need to get in on this beacon’s closet business you speak so highly of, but we don’t have one here in sf as far as i know…

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