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Urban Outfitters Scored Resale

A reader recently asked why I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters.

I don’t know if it’s the music, the faux vintage and/or gimmicky tees, the uber-cute stuff at uber-offensive price points, or that my definition of SALE is rarely in sync with the stores’ reduced-price racks, but all of the above makes Urban Outfitters my personal shopping hell. I’m not saying I don’t like the clothes; I just don’t have the energy, dollars or patience to buy them in-store. This doesn’t mean I won’t buy them elsewhere.

Enter Beacon’s Closet, Park Slope.

The above skirt bears stylistic and material similarities to the Silence & Noise Sublimated Zebra Skirt, which retails for $38.00 and is currently on sale for $24.99.

What’d I pay for a gently-worn version of the same brand? $9.95.

I don’t know if Urban makes the Lux line anymore, so we’ll use another one of its in-house labels to deduce the original price of this garment. The BDG Flannel Pintuck Tunic retails for $38.00. Like its Silence & Noise brethren, it’s also on sale for $24.99.

The Lux floral print tunic cost me $14.95 – not a huge score in the grand scheme of things, but it fit like a dream so I gave it a go.

Why don’t I shop at Urban Outfitters? Because I can snag their stuff resale for less than its sale price.

‘Nuff said.



I don’t think you are going to the right Urbans than…Because I ALWAYS shop at the 72nd and Broadway one, at least once a week and always get something on sale. Sometimes as low at $9.99. Urban is one of my go to places in nyc.


Ugh, I agree. I used to LOVE shopping there. Well, fast forward 3 years and nearly everything I”ve ever gotten there has holes. It’s so irritating. Also, how do they justify selling things for $50+ only to turn around and mark them down to $5.99? That is just not right. I bought one moto jacket and one handbag that are about the only things that have held up over time and that I love. I’m over that store, though.


Lucky you! I can never find super cheap UO like that so am forced to buy in store.

Ivy Quinn

I am a bit bipolar when it comes to U.O. because I agree their shit is grossly over priced but like dani commented previously, they eventually mark their items down substantially to more reasonable prices and that is when I feel less appalled shopping there. I am not a huge fan of their clothing but some of their accessories and shoes are pretty killer. O.U. is like any other overpriced franchised whore, you have to wait them out until the goods go on sale or get sent to places like peachfrog in Brooklyn.


i hate to be a party pooper but….that skirt was on sale in the store for $7.99 (or 5.99…can’t remember) not too long ago (maybe 6 months). I have also sold to beacon’s closet and quite often their price the things higher than what i paid for them, which is why i can never shop there.


i made so many mistakes in my comment i deserve to be bitch-slapped.


fret not my little chickadee – nobody gets bitch-slapped on my blog. that’s what jezebel and fashionista are for. :P


EVERYTHING from Urban falls apart in a few washes….it’s absolutely not worth going there and digging through all the trashy stuff.

anothercheapjap, butnotassavvy

UO…I think the quality of the materials sometimes blow. And, on top of that, I heard that the owner voted YES on Prop 8. Too bad I love Anthropologie…hellooooo whole paycheck.


You have the mnoolopy on useful information-aren’t monopolies illegal? ;)

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