A Modern Perversion of Vintage

vintage clothing labels

On an AuH2O stock run a few weeks back, Kate and I came across two labels of note.One was vintage. One was pretending to be. The label at left hails from a time when shoppers actually gave a shit about where their clothing came from. A time when textile workers had real, live rights.An International […]

Peace Out Mini, Hello Maxi (A Killer Vintage Skirt)

long skirt trend

Pardon the absence, chickadees – biznass at my thriftique is, well, BOOMING.By the by, we’re phasing out consignment and phasing in cash-for-clothes – if you’ve got castoffs to sell, we’d love to take a look! Email auh2oshop@gmail.com to set up an appointment with me or my hetero-life-mate, Kate Goldwater.I schlep it out on stock runs, […]

Marc Jacobs’ Vintage-Inspired Dress vs. The Real Deal

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

This is a dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ latest runway show.The technical term for a dress like this is vintage-inspired. Horseshit. This is highbrow copycatting at its most uncreative.I mean, if you’re going to highjack a design from a previous era, at least DO SOMETHING to it to make it your own. Why buy […]