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Stupid Things in Style: SOTC Bra Straps

Ohhh, Sex and the City. Ninety-four episodes, two movies, and a shitstorm of merch guaranteed to transform the average fan into her sexy single archetype of choice.

Like Carrie’s beloved New York, Sex and the City never sleeps. Even now, months after the sequel’s release, the franchise is still coming up with new, groundbreaking ways to milk its audience for a few more buckaroos.

Upon receiving news of SOTC’s exciting foray into lingerie, I couldn’t help but wonder…

Is there any purchase more asinine than a set of $142.00 bra straps?




there IS a purchase more asinine than a set of $142 bra straps… a set of $142 BEDAZZLED bra straps. So unbelievably tacky.

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